Busting out the ol’ website in opposition of SOPA/PIPA

by Nick Salyers on Jan.18, 2012, under Science

Since Senator Jeff Sessions’ website is, to put it mildly, borked, making it impossible to email him, I’m going to do it here, in ‘public’ manner, and I challenge you, Senator Sessions, to respond in kind. This is what my email to you would have said.

Today, thousands of websites have gone dark in protest of SOPA/PIPA legislation in what is undoubtedly the largest online, and international, protest in the history of mankind. The Stop Online Piracy Act and the Protect IP Act are two of the most damaging pieces of legislation to ever go before any legislative body in American history. By attempting to railroad these bills through, the MPAA, among other so-called ‘interest groups’ are attempting to buy, from Congress, the right to infringe upon the very basic principle of free speech, as well as the right every American has to not be punished for not committing a crime. If you allow these bills to go through, much less vote in favor of them, you are siding not only against the American people, but against all peoples, of all nations, and as we’ve seen time and again, anyone who opposes freedom in the name of corporate greed, no matter how successful they are short-term, will always fail, and will always find themselves cast aside as society progresses without them. Do the right thing, and don’t allow what the United Nations has already established as a human right, the freedom of the internet, be cast asunder because of corporate greed.

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Why the “Westboro Baptist Church” Always Wins (And How You Enable It)

by Nick Salyers on Jul.20, 2010, under Ranting

Be forewarned, this rant was written at around 3 or 4 in the morning, so¬†if bits and pieces are a bit off-track, well…tough shit.

By now, you’re probably not only aware of the “Westboro Baptist Church,” but you also probably hate them…to an extreme. Well, I have some bad news for you. That’s what they want, and you’re giving it to them, day after day. See, WBC is not really a church. The members of it’s “congregation” don’t really believe the things they say. They just know how to push your buttons, regardless of who you are, and they’re so good at it, they can make a profit doing it. See, what you probably don’t understand is, Fred Phelps, and the group surrounding him, are not insane religious whackjobs. Phelps, along with 11 of his 13 children, are lawyers (though Phelps himself is now disbarred), four of which currently run Phelp’s 46 year old Civil Rights law firm. The Phelps-Chartered Firm was actually one of the most tenacious firms at fighting against Kansas’ archaic Jim Crow laws, actually earning him an award from the NAACP in the 80s, shortly before his¬†disbarment.


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